How To Create Group Email In Outlook 365?

Create Group Email In Outlook 365

To create group email in Outlook 365 makes you send an email to a single group that contains multiple email addresses. If you wish to create a Contact Group in Office 365, follow the below-mentioned steps.

For Windows:

  • Step : 1 Open the Outlook email client and choose your Office 365 account.
  • Step : 2 In the Outlook window, select People and click the New Contact Group tab from the menu bar.
  • Step : 3 Alternatively, click the Home tab and select New Items.
  • Step : 4 Click More Items and select the Contact Group button from the menu bar.
  • Step : 5 From the ribbon, click the Add Members drop-down menu and select New Email Contact.
  • Step : 6 Now, give a double-click on the contacts you wish to add to the new group.
  • Step : 7 You can add all the contacts saved in the Outlook contacts or address book.
  • Step : 8 If you are adding a new contact, enter the name, email address, and other details in the Add New Member window.
  • Step : 9 After selecting all the contacts, click the OK button.
  • Step : 10 Finally, click the Save & Close button.
  • Step : 11 To test the created group email, click the New Email button at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Step : 12 Fill up the From, To, Subject, and Body of Content fields.
  • Step : 13 Make sure that you have added the created group email name in the To field.
  • Step : 14 Click the Send button to verify whether the composed email is delivered to all the group members.
  • Step : 15 Follow these steps to create group email in outlook 365.

For Macintosh:

  • Step : 1 First, launch the Outlook app on your Mac.
  • Step : 2 Next, select the People option available at the bottom-left corner of the window.
  • Step : 3 Click on the New Contact List option from the ribbon and fill up the Name and Email fields in the pop-up window.
  • Step : 4 Assign a category to the created group from the ribbon.
  • Step : 5 After adding the members to the group email, click the Save & Close button.
  • Step : 6 If you aren’t able to access the New Contact list, click the Outlook menu and select Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • Step : 7 Click the General tab and deselect the “Hide On My Computer” checkbox.
  • Step : 8 Next, compose a new email and send it to the created group to check if the email is delivered to all the group members.
  • Step : 9 By using these steps we can execute to create group email in outlook 365.


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