Delete Email Pop Server Iphone

Delete Email Pop Server Iphone

If the emails in the incoming mail server of your email account has exceeded the limit, you will stop receiving emails. To get back all the emails, you will have to delete the emails from the mail server. Setting time period will remove the emails from the server once you have downloaded the email on your iPhone.

Proceed with the guidelines given below to delete email Pop Server iPhone<.

Open Settings

  • Step : 1 Locate the Settings application on your iPhone and touch on the app to open it. You can swipe down on the home screen and type Settings in the search box.
  • Step : 2 If you have turned on the Control Center feature on your iPhone, swipe up on the homescreen and touch the Settings icon.

Deleting from Server

  • Step : 1 Navigate to the Mail, Contact, Calendars section.
  • Step : 2 Under Accounts, choose your mail account in which you want to delete the emails from the server.
  • Step : 3 Select the Advanced tab, and tap on the delete email Pop Server iPhone option in the Incoming Settings section.
  • Step : 4 When prompted, choose the time period to delete the emails in the Delete from server section.
  • Step : 5 All the email messages within the selected time period will be removed from the POP server.
  • Step : 6 Tap Done to save the changes you have made.
  • Step : 7 Press the Home button to exit Settings.


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