FIX: Email Sent But Not Received by Recipient Outlook

Once you send an email from your Outlook account, you assume that the email will be sent to the recipient successfully. If the recipient did not receive the email, it wouldn’t bounce every time. It might be quite frustrating to sort out this problem. Below are the workarounds you can try out when your email is sent from Outlook but not received by the recipient. Let us see how to fix Email Sent But Not Received by Recipient Outlook issue.

Email Sent But Not Received by Recipient Outlook

An email message sent to an invalid email address

  • The most common reason for this problem could be an invalid email address. Ensure that you have entered the valid email address in the To field.
  • Sometimes, the email address doesn't even exist. In some cases, the email will be delivered to some other person due to an incorrect email address.
  • If this is the main reason, you will get a non-delivery notification in the Spam folder.
  • To resolve this issue, contact the recipient via phone to know the correct email address and try resending the email message.

An email message sent to the Junk folder

  • Sometimes, the email you sent might be stored in the recipient's Junk folder<
  • Ask the recipient to check the Junk folder. 
  • If the email is found in the Junk folder, ask them to mark it as not junk. So, the emails you send in the future will not be sent to the Junk folder. 
  • They will receive your emails in the Inbox folder.

Email message marked as Spam

  • Most email services have built-in anti-spam protection. It will detect the spam message and block them from being delivered to the recipient.
  • There is also a chance that your email message might be marked as spam.
  • To resolve the issue, ask the recipient to whitelist your email address.

Other solutions

  • Resend your email message without including any attachments.
  • Check if any of the emails are not received by the recipient by sending a test email.
  • Instead of sending an email from your Outlook account, try from another email account.
  • Still, if the recipient cannot receive the email you sent from your Outlook account, contact our technical experts.
  • Now we have seen how to fix Email Sent But Not Received by Recipient Outlook issue


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