How To Send An Email To Multiple People?

The step-by-step instructions given below

  • Step : 1 While sending a message you sent an email to multiple people based on the priority, you can find three fields: To, Cc, and Bcc.
  • Step : 2 To field is used to for including the people who you wish to give direct attention and action. The people in the To field can receive the entire message and other address in that field.
  • Step : 3 It is mandatory to fill the To field with at least one address.
  • Step : 4 But in the Cc field, it is not mandatory to have an email address, and it can be left blank.
  • Step : 5 In the address entered in the Cc field will get only the copy of the message and see other email address in the same field.
  • Step : 6 The Bcc field is similar to Cc. But, they can’t be seen by other recipients.
  • Step : 7 By referring to the above steps, you can send message to multiple people. 
  • Step : 8 Open the mail application on your system.
  • Step : 9 Fill the To, Cc, and Bcc fields, type the message in the text field, and click the Send or Send email button. 
  • Step : 10 By using these steps we can execute that send an email to multiple people


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