Setting Up Yahoo Business Email On Iphone

Setting Up Yahoo Business Email On Iphone

The simple explanation for a business email is that it is specifically set up for businesses. Most of the businesses now tend to use their personal email as a professional one, which is itself quite unprofessional. With the help of the Yahoo business email, you will only bring in more credibility and more recognition to your brand. Yahoo Mail is one such way to stay in touch with the ones you long for. When it comes to Yahoo business email, you can run the business and also manage ‘n’ number of employees online. If you are an administrator, you will be free to add mailboxes, transfer emails at ease, and also reset passwords. There are also ways to handle the documents, calendars, and a rich contact display. 

Each Yahoo business email comes with a free storage of 1TB. With the given amount of vast free space, you will never have to delete the email and will be able to save a lot of space.  


You can also access the Yahoo business mail through Yahoo Mail itself. The steps for Setting Up Yahoo Business Email On Iphone are so simple.


Before we proceed, you have to generate an app password for the Yahoo business email.

Steps to generate app password in Yahoo business email: 

  • Step : 1 Open the browser on your computer.
  • Step : 2 Log in to your Yahoo business email account.
  • Step : 3 Click your name on the top right corner and click the Manage Accounts button.
  • Step : 4 Click the Account Info option.
  • Step : 5 Under the App Passwords section, select the option Manage App Passwords.
  • Step : 6 Select the iPhone option from the drop-down list and select the Generate button.
  • Step : 7 Make a note of the generated password.

Let us dive into the steps right away.

Steps to set up Yahoo business mail on iPhone:

  • Step : 1 On your iPhone, tap the Settings option from the list of apps 
  • Step : 2 Now, select the option Passwords & Accounts.
  • Step : 3 Select the Add Account option.
  • Step : 4 A list with a set of email applications will open. Tap the Other option.
  • Step : 5 Under the Mail section, select the option Add Mail Account.
  • Step : 6 Now you will have to enter the following information in the field provided:
  • Step : 7 Name: Your name
  • Step : 8 Email: The Yahoo business email address
  • Step : 9 Password: The generated app password


  • Step : 1 Tap the Next button on the top right corner of the iPhone screen.
  • Step : 2 Select the IMAP tab. 
  • Step : 3 Under Incoming Mail Server, enter the following information.
  • Step : 4 Host name:
  • Step : 5 User name: The Yahoo business email address
  • Step : 6 Password: The generated app password 
  • Step : 7 Under the Outgoing Mail Server section, enter the following information.
  • Step : 8 Host name:
  • Step : 9 User name: The Yahoo business email address
  • Step : 10 Password: The generated app password 
  • Step : 11 Tap the Next button and then tap Save.

You have successfully finished Setting Up Yahoo Business Email On Iphone.


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